– Do you have a story to tell?

– Do you have a message to convey to your clients or partners?

– Do you want to reach a specific audience, but don’t speak their language as them?


Keep calm and let OK TRANSLATION AND COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES help you achieve your goals!


We are the Human translation, editing and transcription experts you need.


Our objective is to help you convey your French message into English or your English documents into French.

That’s not all; we also adapt your message to the culture of your recipients.


Get in touch, we can discuss your project ideas or prepare a quote and turnaround time for your specific needs.




We pride ourselves with the provision of Human, Premium level translations which are accurate and culturally-nuanced.

Our language specialties are English and French

We help you communicate the meaning of your source language text (document) by providing its equivalent in another language. (ex: French > English, English > French)

Let’s talk about your project!


Do you have a document that has already been translated from English to French? We can help you check the French translation against the original for consistency, accuracy and style.

We can also do the same if the document is translated from French to English.

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OK TRANSLATION AND COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES offers monolingual and bilingual transcription of audio and video files in verbatim and no verbatim.

Transcript Formats:

  • Plain text format (raw text file (.txt), Microsoft Word Document (.docx), Open Document Text (.odt), or Portable Document Format (.pdf)),
  • Time-stamped file format
  • HTLM document (check how to create one)