About Us

About Us





Who are we?

OK TRANSLATION AND COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES is a woman-owned language boutique based in the Atlanta metropolitan area in Georgia, providing French to and from English “Human, Premium level translations” – Because we get it when Google doesn’t.

What Can We Do For You?

OK TRANSLATION AND COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES is THE one-stop shop for your all your language needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, no matter what your language is, English or French. We work with you in the language you are comfortable in.

Get in touch so that we can talk about your project; We will be happy to provide a non-binding quote and a turnaround time.

We Can’t Wait To Hear From You!


We pride ourselves with the provision of Human, Premium level translations which are accurate and culturally-nuanced.

Our language specialties are English and French

We help you communicate the meaning of your source language text (document) by providing its equivalent in another language. (ex: French > English, English > French)

Editing Translations

Do you have a document that has already been translated from English to French? We can help you check the French translation against the original for consistency, accuracy and style.

We can also do the same if the document is translated from French to English.



OK TRANSLATION AND COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES offers monolingual and bilingual transcription of audio and video files in verbatim and no verbatim.

Transcript Formats:

  • Plain text format (Raw text file (.txt), Microsoft Word Document (.docx), Open Document Text (.odt), or Portable Document Format (.pdf),
  • Time-stamped file format
  • HTLM document (check how to create one)


Our proofreading services include reviewing your final document or any other errors that could have occurred in the last minute.

We offer monolingual and Bilingual proofreading services.

– Monolingual: proofreading of a document that is in one language, it can be English or French

– Bilingual: proofreading of both versions (English and French) of a document



Do you have the final draft of a document, and you need assistance with the tables, tabs, text boxes or alignments?

The experts at OK TRANSLATION AND COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES can help you replicate the formatting in various formats; Microsoft Office documents, OpenOffice documents, PDFs, we do them all. 

Let us handle it for you!



Feedback & Reviews

“I had the honor of seeing them in action in a book translation project that required creative translations as well as in-depth knowledge of both sub-Saharan Africa and French cultures. They did an excellent work. I appreciated their responsiveness and work ethics in meeting tight deadlines and their multiple passes through the manuscript.”

Sathya .T

You have become our “go-to” translator. Always translating our corporate letters and making them more appealing and conveying the exact message we want. We appreciate the fact that you propose the edits that could be done in the original documents you receive for translation. We definitely recommend your translation and editing services to those in the corporate sector. Keep doing what you do best!

Rosie .K




We are always amazed by the quality of your work and your responsiveness. We consider it your way of helping the handicapped bridge the communication divide. We’ll come for more transcriptions.


Robert .J